Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 13, 2016. A toilet flange is a circular pipe fitting that connects a toilet to the sewage pipe. For PVC, there are ones that are 100% plastic and ones that are mostly plastic but have a metal ring for the bolts. Plumbing a toilet on an uneven floor? Make sure both bolts are at equal distances from the back wall, which will ensure that the toilet tank will be parallel to the wall. A toilet flange is a about 7 inches OD. Press the toilet flange down into the drain opening, using the T-bolts as reference points for positioning. Lastly, place the wax ring on the flange so that you can later install the toilet on the flange. In this step, you would like to determine how many inches you will have to append to the subfloor to attain the height where the flange is sitting well on the floor eliminating the gap. Another indication you need to repair or replace the flange is when your toilet feels wobbly. All these parts are quite easy to install and can work on any type of flange, from PVC/ABS and cast iron to even the uneven and broken ones, and in the process, the whole setup sort of renews the whole existing flange. Also Replace ; ENHANCE ; Frequently … He thinks the contractor should make it right. Many times an uneven floor and uneven setting of the toilet leads to rocking which then leads to a broken flange. A toilet riser is simply the vertical pipe that the toilet flange connects onto. But don't worry—you don't have to be an experienced handyman to fix a wobbly toilet. In addition, a 4″ x 3″ toilet flange is the size of most closet bend pipes. This little device connects your toilet to your home’s waste line. He is thinking that this is fairly recent construction, and he should not have to deal with this. Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by jhr1986, Dec 19, 2013. jhr1986 New Member. Then, pick up the toilet and set it … Use an open-end wrench to tighten firmly, but do not over tighten as porcelain cracks easily. The HydroSeat offers an easy, one-piece installation that fixes wobbly or leaking toilets, and broken or damaged flanges. Now comes the somewhat difficult part. Step 6 Put a supplied washer over each bolt and follow with a nut. Raises/ … If the toilet's floor flange height is slightly less than 1/4 inch above the flooring, you can use an extra-thick wax ring to make up the difference. The wax ring is the toilet seal … Only one problem, without extending the sewer flange to mount it above the tile, and if your tile man did what mine did, you'll have get down to the sub-floor to install this piece below the sewer pipe. The spot for the toilet is at the edge of the … If you are not certain about your toilet pipe size, this flange would be appropriate to use. Now that I've got the old toilet removed I'm not so sure. It’s always best if you can enlist the aid of a family member, friend or extremely nice neighbor. But first and foremost you will have to measure how high the toilet flange is from the floor. The constant rocking of the toilet will after sometime break the wax ring seal resulting into a leaking toilet. Installing a new toilet, or resetting an old one, is often necessary when remodeling a bathroom. Installed together with a wax ring, the HydroSeat technology ensures a tight, leak-free seal and features a self-centering rubber funnel that fits any toilet or closet flange. Uneven toilet flange. 27242. If a bolt is loose, tighten it slowly just until it is snug. Insert the hard rubber shims beneath the toilet on the side or sides that are uneven, working your way around the bowl according to the reading on the level until the toilet is level. Is the flange too high? If you have a wobbly toilet, it is either caused by loose toilet bolts, uneven floor, or a broken flange. Features at a glance. A toilet flange is supposed to set on top of the finished floor. First, look to see why the flange broke in the first place. Turn the nuts down until finger tight. The metal part of the flange is two pieces, but I'm not sure how the plastic … Even if the floor is uneven, you'll see when doing this that the toilet truly does not rest on the floor, just the flange. It allows you to basically support the flange by screwing into the "distant" surrounding sub-floor rather than the rotted area. When you are remodeling a bathroom or a installing a new toilet, most people prefer to replace the old closet flange with a new. This usually happens when the ground where you installed the toilet becomes uneven after same time. You can rotate the flange in either direction until you have reached the preferred position. Any tricks o . There are a couple different types of flanges for PVC drain pipes and a couple for cast iron pipes. If you notice that your toilet is wobbling/rocking, you will need to shim it. It took me over 3 hrs to replace it because the toilet flange on the floor is horribly uneven. To know about toilet flange installation on tile, read the following section. While removing the old mud bed and tile in a bathroom I noticed that the toilet flange was installed unevenly. A 4″ x 3″ toilet flange has a four-inch topside and a three-inch bottom diameter. If there is any movement of the toilet, plastic shims can be installed under the base to prevent rocking. Removed and the wax seal was mess and other issues, like the bolts were never tightened to the flange only to the toilet itself. My understanding is that ideally, they should be about 1/2" off the floor. English; Español; FLUIDMASTER RECOMMENDS . The problem with any movement by a toilet is that it can break the … If your toilet shifts when you sit on it, you're not doomed for endless days of suffering with a rocking commode. Check the flange bolt at each side of the toilet, using a pair of pliers or a small wrench. uneven toilet flange. Check the other bolt to make sure … I'm rehabbing an old house and turning a small bedroom into a master bathroom and we're leaving the hardwood floor (don't ask!). If the toilet rocks, or has become loose from the flange, it will leak. Joined May 27, 2011 Messages 10 Reaction score 0 Location Willowbrook, IL. Other Sizes of Toilet Flanges Click image for more info. A 5 degree tilt would mean one side is 0.61 inches higher than the other. Do not be tempted to stack up two wax rings because this setup tends to leak. Anyway, my question is what the "right" way is to fix this. Getting the toilet even remotely even and then shimming it up for stability took forever. Construction wise, the extender is made of durable plastic and features a wax ring that sits between the extender and the toilet for creating a tight seal. Any toilet should be able to handle a flange that's 3/8" proud, so long as there isn't too thick of a reenforcer in the wax ring. This is … Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum, Professional & DIY Advice' started by pronouncedeyen, Jul 22, 2013. pronouncedeyen Member. 3 Posts . If you’re unsure what exactly is a toilet flange is, it’s what your toilet sits on. Sometimes a rocking toilet can be fixed by tightening the two bolts at the base of the toilet, called flange bolts or closet bolts. Although installing a toilet is an easy project, an uneven floor can complicate matters. The good news is that this is something that can be corrected, and I … This requires detaching the drain flange underneath the toilet from the floor to remove the bad or damaged subfloor for replacement. You do this buy marking a outline … Anther cause is when the toilet flange happens to be higher than the floor, which in turn raises the toilet, making it wobbly. After the toilet is placed, you will still have the opportunity for some minor rotation, but it is … If bolted … A wobbly toilet possess great danger to the user especially if they are elderly or disabled. It stuck to the tile but that got ripped up eventually during the proper fix. We tend to be oriented toward a solution to deal with what … When I restore the tile the top of the flange will be 1/4" above the new surface in front, but at the back it will be barely above the level of the new floor. He would like to have something to support that. The goal is to tighten enough to keep the … The shims should be inset 1/4 inch from the outside edge of the toilet. Joined: Sep 10, 2009 Location: Baltimore, MD . Before you can set up a new toilet flange, firstly, you must remove the toilet, which is sealed into the existing one. When your toilet flange is unlevel or not set to the right height, the toilet may wobble or even leak at the base. To eliminate these issues, it’s important to ensure your flange is set to the right height, and if it’s broke or damaged in any way, you’ll also want to replace it. One side of mine is about 5/8" and the other is about 3/8". Depending on how uneven your toilet is, you may be able to make simpler adjustments or might need to dismantle your toilet. Tightening the bolts too much can crack the brittle porcelain of the toilet, for which there is no repair. Insert the hard rubber shims beneath the toilet on the side or sides that are uneven, working your way around the bowl according to the reading on the level until the toilet is level. Do this carefully! However, installing the flange on a tile floor is different. Toilet Flange and an uneven tile floor; Author: 9646 (TN) I am replacing a toilet on a ceramic tile floor that is uneven around the flange. I will be remodelling this bathroom … Uneven Toilet Flange help needed. Download Installation Instructions. The flange is the part that the bolts on the sides of the base connect to in order to attach the toilet to the drainage system. A toilet can weigh upwards of 120 pounds. Once the toilet is pulled, remove the old toilet bolts from the flange and clean off the old wax seal (if one was even installed) from the flange and the bottom of the toilet. May 27, 2011 #1 Hello everyone. 6 year old toilet started leaking. Undo the 2 bolts holding the toilet down to the … If your toilet shakes back and forth whenever you use it, you may need to level it. The other thing to look for is the depth of the existing flange. There is … If a toilet is installed on an uneven floor or if the toilet flange is too high off the floor, the toilet will need to be shimmed. Uneven tile can also be the cause of a rocking toilet. The most likely cause of rocking is an uneven floor. It's not okay to put off the replacement as it can lead to potential health and hygiene issues for your family, especially when … When you notice a damp area around the base of the toilet, you will know it's time to replace your flange. Here is what's going on. Full disclosure, this is my first time replacing a toilet but it looked easy enough so I figured I could handle it. Installing a flange extender or using an extra-thick wax ring will work much better in the long run. Before lifting, rock it back and forth a few times to break the wax seal. I agree with rdesigns that the uneven flange, by itself, shouldn't have caused the bowl to crack. I have researched many solutions and have come up with using plastic toilet shims to level the toilet and then using grout to solidify/fill in the gaps around the toilet base and around the shims, then using a bathroom tub and tile caulk on top of the grout to … Option 1: Using a cement board for … You need to be accurate on this one so that you will not waste materials and time to redo everything. Joined: Dec 19, 2013 Location: DFW, Tx . When a toilet is properly installed, the plumber should always do a dry fit, without a wax ring, to insure it is solid to the floor. That would call for expert witness thinking. It's a floor & flange support kit, to fix a wobbly toilet. Thread starter nolan7120; Start date May 27, 2011; Help Support Plumbing Forums: N. nolan7120 Member. I changed the wax seal, tightened the screws, shimmed the toilet level and then piped in the grout into the gaps using a heavy plastic bag with the … I have virtually no plumbing experience, but with my google fu being strong, I have conquered many home improvement … Sometimes a floor is not perfectly level, so it must be shimmed to prevent the toilet from … Is it simply old age or did something cause it to fail prematurely? The bottom of this size flange will fit standard-sized drain pipes. Two tee bolts in the flange secure the toilet to the flange. Mount the new bolts, install the new wax seal, seat the toilet, and propertly tighten the toilet bolts. Non-standard toilet flanges are similarly sized to 4″ … Now I'm ready to install the new floor and am begining to think I should have replaced the plumbing as well. … Apart from that, a rocking/wobbly toilet will with time unseat the toilet wax ring. That’s it- you have successfully set up a new toilet flange on a concrete floor. Press the toilet stool down fully onto the flange until it contacts the floor on all sides of the stool. When I was in a similar sounding position (improperly supported flange and uneven tile job), I used sanded tile grout with a layer of Saran Wrap on the toilet to keep it from sticking. The wax ring (or the waxless ring) if fitted to the horn on the bottom of the fixture so that when the horn is inserted into the flange, the sealing ring forms a tight seal between the toilet and drain. Fits any flange, any toilet; No-rust brass bolts & hardware included; Seals on uneven floors or over tile floors with recessed flanges; 10-Year Warranty; Here is a short video that shows you how to install a toilet using Better Than Wax™ toilet ring: 7530 - BETTER THAN WAX™ Wax-Free Seal . This way, you don’t need to replace it after a few … The shims should be inset 1/4 inch from the outside edge of the toilet. Installation is simple and the debris cover helps to prevent sewer gas from escaping and debris from entering the pipe while … An easy way to do this is to temporarily place the seat on the stool and sit on it. Chances are, at one particular time in your life, you have experienced the discomfort of a rocking toilet. Place the wax ring on the closet flange, not on the toilet.

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